5 Ways to Practice Self Love Today - and Every Day

 It is no secret that in today's world practicing self love is difficult. We are constantly bombarded by social media, pop culture and society defining what beauty and love looks like. The truth is there is no one size fits all when it comes to beauty or health, but there are tangible ways you can ground yourself and love yourself more every day.
At Dr. Elsa Jungman we believe every person is capable and deserving of boundless love, starting from within. Practicing self love is a muscle one needs to train and exercise, many of us spend so much time thinking and caring for others we forget about ourselves. This is why this Valentines Day we have outlines 10 ways you can practice self love, today and every day. Plus, a link to our facial yoga class to give yourself a spa-worthy treatment at home. Because, you deserve it.

Practice Positive Self-Speak

Often times, we are our worst critics. It is hard to not criticize yourself when you are feeling down but intentionally speaking to yourself with gentleness and grace can go a long way. If you are being hard on yourself take just a few moments to speak a mantra of self-love out loud. Sayings like, "I am worthy, I am loved" can go a long way.

Celebrate Your Own Unique Qualities

In a world where there is such a narrow standard of beauty we have overlooked the fundamentally delightful unique qualities we each possess. From wrinkles to freckles to zits and all of the above, let's celebrate our skin and our faces for everything they have provided us with. Instead of comparing yourself to others, find beauty within yourself and accept every perceived flaw as a unique marker, making you all the more beautiful.

Fuel Your Body with Wholesome Foods 

The secret to looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. That starts with your mental health but your diet plays a huge part in how you feel. Making sure you are prioritizing wholesome foods like leafy greens and sweet fruits will not only make you feel good, but can promote glowing skin.

Unfollow Social Media Accounts that Make you feel Less Than

Social media can be a place to connect with people and learn new ideas. However, we all know there is a dark side to sites like Instagram and TikTok. We often can compare ourselves to content creators who use photoshop and set unrealistic expectations for people. Remember, you can always choose to unfollow any person or brand that makes you feel less than. Utilize the power you have to create a feed that promotes positivity, and acceptance.

Practice Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga has boundless health benefits, from reducing anxiety to promoting blood flow and collagen production in your skin. However, facial yoga can be a fantastic way to reconnect with yourself in a meaningful way. Many people find the practice of facial yoga to be meditative and relaxing, and a way to tactically ground yourself to your face. See below for our full Facial Yoga Class from our February Mastercalss with Idalina Vieira.


We hope you all have a fabulous Valentine:s Day and are able to integrate these self-love practices in your every day life. P.S. Our Valentine:s Day Sale is still happening! Use code SELFLOVE to receive 20% off. 

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