9 Common Skincare Trends, Debunked

There is plenty of information out there regarding the ‘do’s’ and ‘don'ts’ of skincare, as well as a constant emergence of skincare trends year after year. Before giving a new skincare trend a try, it’s best to understand the truth behind them, as well as how it can impact your skin’s overall health ( Science matters!).
Below, we’re breaking down 10 common skincare trends and discussing how and if they support your skin’s microbiome.



When it comes to our skin, there are plenty of internal influences that our skin reacts to including our diet and our hormones that many people may not make the connection to.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating foods that are rich in antioxidants will work wonders in keeping both your body and your skin in optimal shape. Being mindful of the foods we are giving our body will truly reflect through the skin. Try to incorporate more foods in your diet that are anti-inflammatory, especially if you have sensitive skin. 


Dry Brushing 

Dry brushing is commonly known for exfoliating the skin, removing dead skin cells, and helping to boost blood flow as well as lymphatic drainage, however, it isn’t for everyone. 

If overdone or performed on broken skin, you can be causing a lot of damage to your skin’s natural ecosystem. For those who particularly struggle with sensitive skin, it is best to refrain from dry brushing. If it is a step you must take, something much gentler like a bamboo washcloth can do the trick.    

CBD Skin Care 

CBD has been making a name not only in the health and wellness industry, but also in the beauty industry. CBD skin care is aimed at providing anti-inflammatory properties and healing properties for the skin.   

While CBD skin care products may be deemed a success for some who use it, there is still plenty of research and exploration needed to be done to further support its effectiveness. 


Layers of Makeup

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup on your skin! In fact, a solid skincare routine that can keep your skin moisturized and also gently remove your makeup can go a long way to keep your skin healthy whether you choose to wear makeup or not. 


Focusing on healthy skin first will give you a strong foundation ( no pun intended) to apply other layers without doing additional harm. Microbiome friendly products give your skin just what it needs to have a healthy foundation for makeup application and removal.



A lot of people tend to resort to scrubbing or exfoliation to remove dead skin or to achieve a “brighter” complexion, however, it can be overdone and can do more harm to your skin’s microbiome than good, like causing over-drying and irritation.  

A good moisturizing, microbiome-friendly serum can do the trick in giving your skin the hydration it needs while also keeping your skin’s ecosystem healthy.


Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a trend that has emerged quite quickly in the beauty world. Double cleansing is a method that involves cleansing your skin with two cleansers, typically starting off with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water or gel-based one.   

While it may feel as though this method is giving your skin a deeper clean, this is actually not necessary and doesn’t really do the skin any good. Sticking to just one, gentle, minimal cleanser is enough to do the trick—nothing more, nothing less.

Essential Oils 

Today you can discover a lot of skincare products that contain essential oils in them, which have likely been messaged in a way that states that essential oils contain unique properties that can address your biggest skin concerns. 

The truth is, essential oils can hurt and harm the skin’s microbiome, and even cause further irritation. Our products are formulated without irritants, fragrances, essential oils or preservatives so that you can be as gentle to your skin as possible.


There’s a big misconception that just because you don’t see the sun often means you don’t have to apply SPF. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  

UV rays are present all year long, rain or shine. It’s important to apply SPF to your skin daily to protect your skin from harsh UV rays that can cause long-term damage. You can apply it before you put on your makeup (even if your makeup has SPF in it).   

Probiotic + Prebiotics

There’s a large myth that just because a skincare product has prebiotic and probiotics automatically means that it is best for your microbiome due to its potential to be able to support the growth of healthy bacteria on the skin. 


There is a lot of research to do within this realm to support the effectiveness of probiotic and prebiotics in skincare products. For the time being, the best step to take is to make sure you are reaching for skincare that is preservative-free and to stick with certified, microbiome-friendly products.


The one thing that many skin care myths have in common today is that there is a misconception that doing more for your skin is better. In reality, stepping back and being gentler to your skin is the best thing you can do to support a healthy microbiome. Our range of products is dedicated to proving the power of minimalism in skincare.  

You can shop our products here, and if you’re interested in gaining a better understanding of your skin’s microbiome, you can apply to our newly launched microbiome test.

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