Dr. Elsa Jungman & Face Haus Team up for Mircrobiome Facial Series

Exclusive: Dr. Elsa Jungman & Face Haus Team up for the Facial of your Dreams

We couldn’t be more proud to announce the harmonious partnership of Dr. Elsa Jungman and Face Haus for The Reset Facial. 



Why Face Haus?

Face Haus is a facial-only beauty bar with brick and mortar locations throughout the US. They are a community that celebrates camaraderie and brings people together over the shared goal of feeling and looking fantastic from the inside out. Face Haus believes that facials should be effective, affordable, and stress free, and we couldn’t agree more. 

What is The Reset?

The Reset Facial is a 3-part facial series centered around the health of your microbiome and caring for your face with effective and gentle ingredients and spa-worthy techniques. Combining the expertise of Face Haus’ army of passionate esthies and Dr. Elsa Jungman’s science-backed minimalist skincare regimen, this facial is a milestone in the world of skincare. Available at all Face Haus Locations in the US including Los Angeles & Dallas.

“We wanted to created a facial that would respect your microbiome and be gentle to your skin barrier, but we didn't want to skimp on the luxurious & relaxing aspects of a facial" says Dr. Elsa Jungman. The Reset utilizes Dr. Elsa Jungman’s Skin Microbiome Kit as a guide for estheticians to understand each clients’ microbiome and create a personalized facial based on their results. Merging bespoke treatments with specialized techniques like; gua-sha draining massage & silk cocoon exfoliation, makes the Reset one of the most innovative facials available on the market today. 

The Reset focuses around each person’s microbiome, a cornerstone of Dr. Elsa Jungman’s philosophy and products. “The microbiome is the invisible truth about your skin's condition. We wanted to empower people and estheticians to customize a facial using science-backed skin data from our Skin Microbiome Kit analysis" says Dr. Elsa Jungman.

The microbiome is the invisible layer of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the surface of your skin. It is an entire universe of trillions of residents, calling your skin home. Don’t worry it's less scary than it might sound. This ecosystem works in epic cohesion to protect your body from outside irritants, and act as the first line of defense against outside viruses. To learn more about your microbiome visit our blog

The revolutionary aspect of this Facial centers around one of Dr. Elsa Jungman’s mantras:

It’s tough to be gentle”, the Reset facial approaches each person’s skin with thoughtfulness and bespoke care that produces incredible results. The Reset Facial is safe for anyone who has sensitive skin or issue prone skin. No peeling, burning, lasers are included for this facial, only the expertise of Face Haus estheticians working in tandem with Dr. Elsa Jungman’s high quality and clean products. If you have been struggling with your skin and want to get your glow back, The Reset Facial is the place to start. 

To find Face Haus locations near you see here. If you don’t live near a Face Haus location, discover our line of microbiome-friendly products here & discover our Facial Yoga Class recordings to give yourself a spa-worthy treatment at home. 



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