Dr. Elsa’s Favorite French Spots in San Francisco

Something that I will always hold near and dear to my heart is my hometown of Paris, France. I’ve spent a majority of my career traveling between France and California for research, and have now been living in California for 6 years. Since living in California, I’ve had to adjust to a completely new way of life, new culture, and so much more, but regardless of the transition, I’ve always made it a priority to find a bit of Paris around me.

Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite French spots in San Francisco that remind me of back home! If you’re in the San Francisco area, or have plans to visit, I hope you will consider visiting some of these various spots.


Dr. Elsa Jungman enjoys lunch in Paris
Chez Maman



Chez Maman is a wonderful French restaurant in San Francisco that features cuisine made with locally-sourced food. I love this restaurant for their mussels and their menu features amazing French classics. Their inspiration comes from the love that a mother places into their cooking, something you can feel in each and every bite!

Mathilde French Bistro



Mathilde French Bistro, located in SoMa San Francisco near Moscone Center, is considered a hidden gem in the area. It is a great choice for wonderful food, has a comfortable, homey atmosphere and a patio where you can sit and enjoy food either alone or with guests.

Blush! Wine Bar 

What better way to kick off the start of a weekend than by heading to a wine bar? Blush! Is located right in the heart of Castro, and is inspired by the greatest wine bars of Europe. They have a vast selection of wines that their trained staff will guide you through, and their wines are accompanied with authentic French-influenced cuisine. One of my favorite dishes is their ravioles (french noodles). It is truly a wonderful experience! 


Zazie is a neighborhood Bistro in Cole Valley. It has a beautiful indoor and outdoor seating space that reminds me of back home. They have a great wine selection, amazing dishes to choose from (like their tartines), and a lovely staff.

Petit Crenn

A long-time favorite French restaurants of mine in San Francisco was Petit Crenn, which featured Brittany-inspired cuisine and was run by Chef Dominique Crenn. During the pandemic, Petit Crenn decided to shift its mission and close to utilize their kitchen space to feed the hungry and support the local community. I look forward to the day when we can all get to experience their dining space once again!


Le Marais Bakery 

Finding a solid French bakery with authentic Parisian pastries can be hard to come across, but Le Marais Bakery is a delightful spot in San Francisco. I love this spot to have my morning pain au chocolat, and for taking business meetings. Their selection is incredible! 

Chantal Guillon Patisserie

Finding good French macarons is key! Chantal Guillon Patisserie is my favorite spot in San Francisco for macarons that truly remind me of home. All of their macarons are handcrafted and they have so many unique flavors to choose from. You can even shop on their website for luxury gifts to share with loved ones. 


Clare V

Clare V is a great fashion and accessories store that features a lot of French-inspired clothing and pieces. They have beautiful handbags, apparel and so much more that encapsulates the French feel so effortlessly. If you’re not located in the San Francisco area to do some in-person shopping, you can always shop and browse through their beautiful pieces online. 

Gazette Store 

Gazette Store is a clothing store in San Francisco that is now available online. They curate French apparel, accessories, cosmetics and so much more for customers to choose from. They truly bring a little bit of France to the US, which I love, and you can find things for women, men and kids.


836M Gallery



This art gallery is a non-profit managed by a French family. They feature a truly one-of-a-kind selection of artists, events, pieces and so much more. I am truly in awe every time I visit, and can always count on this gallery to see some breathtaking pieces of work.

Mathilde Froustey

I adore following Mathilde Froustey, an artist and a principal dancer in San Francisco ballet. She is incredibly talented and it is a pleasure following along on her journey, especially being a new mother like myself. 

If you’re in the San Francisco area, I’d love to hear some of your favorite French spots in the area. Whether they’re on this list, or there’s a hidden gem you highly recommend trying, feel free to share! 

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