5 French Holiday Songs to Add to your Holiday Playlist

Looking to add a little chic French flair to your holiday playlist? We've complied the best French Holiday songs guaranteed to make your gathering a little brighter and oh-so elegant. These classic songs will bring out the holiday spirit in anyone, speaking French is not required to enjoy these timeless tunes. 

1. Petit Papa Noël – Tino Rossi

This classic 1946 ballad by Tino Rossi is beloved by people around the world. In fact, it is the best selling-single of all time in France! Listen to this song and be transported into a Christmas-filled winter wonderland. 

2. Vive Le Vent - MIKA

If you love "Jingle Bells" you will adore the French version, kids and adults alike sing along to this perfect Christmas song. MIKA's version is a modern take on Vive Le Vent and proves this is not just a children's song - but a holiday classic for all. 

2. Douce Nuit Sainte Nuit - Nana Mouskouri 

The French Version of "Silent Night" is just as beautiful as you can imagine. The alluring lyrics transport you to Notre Dame on a snowy day. Play this song when your holiday needs a little classic inspiration, you won't regret it. 

3. Il Est Né, Le Divin Enfant - Annie Lennox

Even though Annie Lennox is not French by origin, her take on the French original song "Il Est Né, Le Divin Enfant” is just as inspiring as it is beautiful. This song has no English counterpart, and is truly a French Christmas classic. 

4. Noël c’est toi – Marie-Eve Janvier and Jean-François Breau

A fun and flirty song featuring 2 French powerhouse singers. Play this holiday-spirit filled piece when you need to get the party started. Energy boosting and  full of that good old Christmas vibe. 

4. Minuit, Chrétien / Chanson de Noël

This is the original "O Holy Night". That's right, this version was translated into English. Listen to the original track and appreciate the beauty of France. 

We hope you enjoyed this piece and we wish everyone a happy and relaxing holiday. Remember to add these songs to your holiday playlist for something exciting and fun this Christmas season. 

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