Introducing HelloBiome

We couldn’t be more excited to share the exciting launch of HelloBiome! 



HelloBiome is our AI-Powered Microbiome Testing platform designed to offer streamlined microbiome testing services to companies in various health industries. When it comes to the microbiome, the possibilities are endless. From the gut, the skin, the scalp, and the vagina, the microbiome is a universe worth exploring.

HelloBiome will allow microbiome research to flourish with white-glove backend support from our team of scientists and microbiome experts. Read more about the future of microbiome testing and the future of HelloBiome in our Beauty Independent piece

However, we couldn't have done it without the support from our customers like you!

HelloBiome was born from the continued success and support of our Skin Microbiome Kit, launched in 2021. We were floored with the excitement and interest in the Skin Microbiome Kit, and realized we needed to make this technology and platform readily available to other interested businesses. 

To celebrate the launch and to thank our customers for their continued support we are offering the Skin Microbiome Kits at 20% off this week with code: kit20

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