Jessica Defino + Dr. Elsa Jungman Discuss Beauty Beyond the Bottle

Today kicked off our first installment of our Beauty Beyond the Bottle series with Jessica Defino. It was an amazing conversation filled with insights, advice, and perspective on beauty + skincare. 

Jessica Defino is a fearless truth teller, with a passion for skincare and beauty. DeFino has written for publications such as, NY Times, Vogue, and WWD. She is known for her anti-beauty-industry-norms philosophy, and we couldn’t be more excited to have had her on our inaugural Beauty Beyond the Bottle episode!

Elsa & Jessica’s conversation touched on the importance of understanding your skin + your skin’s health needs. More specifically, the significant value in appreciating your microbiome. If you are having issues with your skin and feel like you need to change up your routine, take a moment to pause and learn about your skin, rather than testing a multitude of products. Jessica spoke about her own experience with skin health and her path to learning about her skin and her needs. 

The Microbiome, a favorite topic of ours 😉 , was also touched upon. Defino described the microbiome as the “original skincare product” and we couldn’t agree more. Elsa described the unique role our microbiome plays in keeping not just our skin, but our bodies, healthy & happy. Furthermore, Jessica & Elsa discussed how learning about your own microbiome could be the key in achieving your skin health goals. In fact, Jessisa stated, “doing the skin microbiome test is more beneficial to your skin than buying another skincare product". Understanding your skin on a fundamental level is key, and the microbiome test is a perfect place to start. 

See below for the full recording of the conversation, and see here for a full list of our upcoming events!



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