Dr. Grace Park + Dr. Elsa Jungman Decode the Skin Microbiome

In our second to last installment of Beauty Beyond the Bottle, Dr. Elsa Jungman spoke with skin microbiologist researcher, Dr. Grace Park. Their conversation delved deep into the world of the skin microbiome and how we can best understand + protect it.

What’s My Microbiome 101 with Grace Park, PhD.

In this class Dr. Grace Park goes into extreme detail about the skin microbiome and how it is affected based on our lifestyles. Furthermore, Dr. Park expertly explains how our microbiome is ever-present throughout our body, from our face to our feet.

Your microbiome and the bacteria + sebum density varies depending on the area of the body. Watch the whole class below to discover fascinating information about your microbiome, and why it is the cornerstone of skin health. 

Want to learn more about the microbiome + your skin? Visit our youtube channel to see all of our classes relating to skin health. 



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