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We recently wrapped our our fantastic mini Masterclass series for February. Kicking off on February 10, the series began with the amazing Idalina Vieira guiding us through an hour of meditation and relaxing facial yoga. From beginning to end it was oh-so-zen and the perfect way to end your day.

Next, we sat down with Dr. Grace Park, our microbiologist working hard to discover all of the links between your microbiome + your skin health. Dr. Grace walked us through what Beauty myths are legit, and which ones are not worth the hype. Topics from slugging to dietary supplements were covered, with help from audience questions.

Last but not least our very own Dr. Elsa Jungman graced us all with a makeup tutorial - french style. The art of a minimalist makeup routine is something Elsa doesn't take lightly, and her class is the 101 on getting that French girl glow, while still being minimal. Check out the recordings below, and be on the lookout for our next Masterclass Series. 


Facial Yoga with Idalina Vieira


Debunking Beauty Myths with Dr. Grace Park 

The Art of a Minimalist Makeup Routine with Dr. Elsa Jungman 


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