April 7th, 11am PST

Exclusive Facia Yoga workshop - Learn essential moves for a glowing & a fully relaxed skin by learning the DR-EJ Method™.

The DR-EJ Method™ was developed over the last two years by our French skincare expert & founder, Dr. Elsa Jungman & Karin Karlsson, Certified Yoga teacher.

DR-EJ Method™ combines facial yoga techniques with breathing, yoga postures, meditation and massage exercises.

DR-EJ Method™ skin benefits are:

- Helps to release tension and relax fine lines

- Tones facial muscles

- Improves blood circulation to the head and scalp

- Promotes a glowing complexion

You will leave with an awesome feeling in your skin and with new tips of how to de-stress in order to reveal your natural beauty.

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Read more about how this simple practice enhances your skin’s ability to support itself in our Forbes article: Click here to read the full article

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