The Only Skincare Routine You'll Ever Need

In a world of 20-step skincare routines and a product for each inch of your body, it may seem like doing your skincare routine could soon require an Out of Office message. 

Fear not, your skin will be oh so happy with a simple and easy 3 step routine. If you have been struggling with your skin for a while, maybe it is time to try something radical, gentle skincare

Why We Believe in the Power of Simple Routine

To understand Dr. Elsa’s Philosophy, it is important to understand the microbiome. So here’s a quick refresher:

The microbiome is the invisible layer of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the surface of your skin. It is an entire universe of trillions of residents, calling your skin home. Don’t worry it's less scary than it might sound. This ecosystem works in epic cohesion to protect your body from outside irritants, and act as the first line of defense against outside viruses.

All these microorganisms living on our skin are in constant conversation with the skin’s tissues to keep a healthy balance. Cells in your skin perform background checks on microorganisms around them to identify bad ones. The cells work with good microorganisms to kill off any dangerous creatures.

This means that microorganisms like bacteria are always protecting you from outside threats.

They fight pathogens, fungus, and parasites which may cause diseases or infections. We can also thank them for combating inflammation and helping our skin repair itself. 

 What is an Unbalanced Microbiome?

When our microbiome is unbalanced, the bacteria and fungi on our skin that are meant to protect our skin can fail and leave our skin prone to illnesses. An unbalanced microbiome can cause common skin conditions like: acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more. However, the status of our microbiome is ever-changing and can be altered due to multiple factors such as: getting a new pet, moving to a new city, hormonal changes, dietary changes, ect.  

How Your Skincare Can Disrupt your Microbiome 

Using a multitude of products that contain harsh chemicals and actives can damage your microbiome, and leave your skin susceptible to dehydration, breakouts, and can make your skin even more sensitive. 

The truth is, your microbiome is the “original skincare product”, you have an army of invisible organisms all working to keep your skin balanced. 70% of women report having sensitive skin, and that number rises every year. The skincare and beauty industry is more popular than ever, so what’s really going on? We think it has to do with the microbiome. 

The best news is that your microbiome wants a simple routine. A simple cleanse and moisturizer is all your skin really needs to perform at its top game. We’ve listed our favorites below. 

Step 1, Cleanse

Featured on POOSH and beloved by Kourtney Kardashian, the Begin Again Gentle Cleanser is one of our favorites. Made with only 4 clean, plant-based ingredients. Formulated with no fragrances, essential oils & preservatives. Simply use this cleanser when you wash your face, and we recommend a soft towel to wipe off, (no more than once a day is necessary! Seriously!).

Begin Again Gentle Cleanser 

If you have more oily prone skin or acne-prone skin we recommend trying out our No Soap Cleanser. Our microbiome-friendly daily cleanser won’t leave your skin feeling tight or stripping away your skin's natural good bacteria. The No Soap Gentle Cleanser uses a unique refined and organic jojoba oil blend to remove makeup and dirt, bringing your skin's release of oil into a natural equilibrium. Made with no soap agents or emulsifiers and only 3 clean, plant-based ingredients. Also free from fragrances, essential oils & preservatives. For best results, use a warm washcloth. 

No Soap Cleanser

Step 2, Hydrate

Our oil based serums are the holy grail for effective & microbiome friendly skincare. Our collection currently has 3 serums, Start Over, Oat Power and Bio-Restore. All are minimal and microbiome friendly & will keep your skin happy and hydrated.

We recommend hydrating after you have cleansed your face. Use a few drops on your hands and warm the serum between your palms. This will ensure it is easy to spread and will be properly distributed on your face. If your face feels particularly dry in certain areas throughout the day, feel free to add more serum. It creates a magical glow and wont leave your skin feeling tight. 

Step 3, SPF

Always, always, always use SPF. Especially if you are using actives like retinol. Certain ingredients common in anti-acne products can leave your skin ultra sensitive to sunlight, it’s best to be protected. 

We recommend using SPF after moisturizing, so that it can properly protect your face. For more information on your skin and sun visit our blog. 

Between a gentle cleanser and a rich moisturizer, & a trusty SPF, your skin is set. We encourage you to try out a simplified routine for a week or two, you will probably be shocked with the results and your skin feels, plus, your microbiome will thank you.



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