The Philosophy Behind Dr. Elsa’s Maintenance and Recovery Routines

Maintenance and Recovery Routines:

At Dr. Elsa Jungman we recognize that skin health is a holistic endeavor, and our skin’s microbiome is ever-evolving. These changes can occur due to a multitude of factors such as: moving to a new city with a varied climate, getting a new pet, changing our diets, ect. Our skin is an excellent detector to lifestyle changes, and responds accordingly. Because of this, we need to be mindful of our microbiome and how we are treating it. The recovery and maintenance routines are ways to regulate and reset your skin. 


What is the Recovery Routine?

The recovery routine is for the general preservation of your microbiome. Simply put, the recovery routine is the “less is more” everyday routine. The Recovery routine is particularly good for those with an especially unbalanced microbiome, or when those who feel like their skin needs a reset. This routine is designed to give your skin a chance to recover, by using minimal products with microbiome-friendly ingredients. You should limit use of products that have added fragrance or essential oils. Think of the recovery routine like a “juice cleanse”,  a chance for your skin to reset and for your microbiome to reach equilibrium. 

What Is the Maintenance Routine? 

The maintenance routine is for those with specific skin goals who require active ingredients to be added to their routine. The maintenance routine can be used in tandem with your regular skin care products, but you should be aware of how your skin reacts to each. Introduce skin care products with active ingredients one at a time, so you can pinpoint how your skin reacts to each. 

When Do I Know When To Use the Maintenance vs Recovery?

Dr. Elsa Jungman recommends using the Recovery Routine daily, to ensure the well-being of your microbiome and achieve Microbiome Nirvana. However, if you feel this is not enough for your skin to help with specific issues, start the Maintenance Routine, adding in one active at a time. 

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