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What We’re Watching:

Has anyone else been watching The Netflix mini docu-series, Explained? It delves into a variety of topics in a 22 minute format. The latest episode explores a theme near and dear to us at Dr. Elsa Jungman, Your Skin, and we just had to take a moment to discuss.

Within this episode, a physician, dermatologist and a microbiologist are interviewed and discuss the wonderful complexity of the largest organ in our body. Naturally, as skin nerds here at Dr. Elsa Jungman, we were thrilled to see the topic of skin and our microbiome in the spotlight. Dr. Elsa Jungman has dedicated her research as a scientist to understanding and creating skincare products that nurture our delicate microbiome.  

As these topics become more mainstream, we hope every person will become more thoughtful as to what they are putting on their skin. If you are interested in certified microbiome-friendly products, check out our collection! No matter who you are or what stage you find yourself in on your skin journey, here are some helpful snippets from the episode you should know:


The "Brick Wall"
Dermatologist and author of Beyond Soap, Dr. Sandy Skotniki, uses the metaphor of a brick wall to describe the composition of our skin. This “wall” is made up of cells and natural oils. Think of your natural oils as the mortar, and the cells as the bricks.



Our “Unique Signature”
Each person has a unique makeup of bacteria and fungi that work together to create a microbiome. Your microbiome is birthed the second you are born and stays with you for the rest of your life. It is ever-evolving and changes can occur based on many factors such as: where you live, if you have pets, and what products you use on a daily basis.


Experts in this episode artfully explain the delicate makeup of our skin’s surface, and how soaps and other skin products can damage our natural balance of bacteria and fungi. The pH of our skin tends to be a bit acidic on the pH scale, this is a smart defense our body utilizes to kill harmful bacteria that cannot thrive in that environment. Keeping your skin at the correct pH is important to maintaining a healthy microbiome.


Netflix’s Explained “Your Skin” episode proves just how important understanding your skin’s microbiome is. Our skin’s delicate ecosystem is one to be understood and cared for, not controlled or stripped away. This is precisely why Dr. Elsa Jungman has crafted her line of microbiome-friendly skincare products. Every single one of our products is thoughtfully made with your microbiome in mind, we believe in the power and the importance of healthy skin, and we hope you will join us on our mission!

If you have free time we recommend checking out this episode and learning more about your skin, until then stay tuned on our website for some exciting announcements coming soon!

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