Facial Yoga at Schoolab San Francisco


An event held by Schoolab and ELSI during Grand Opening Schoolab San Francisco.
ELSI Method™ combines facial yoga techniques with breathing, yoga postures, meditation and massage exercises using the ELSI super moisturizing serum.

The ELSI Method™ skin benefits are:
• Helps to release tension and relax fine lines

• Tones facial muscles

• Improves blood circulation to the head and scalp

• Promotes a glowing complexion

You will leave with an awesome feeling in your skin and with new tips of how to de-stress in order to reveal your natural beauty.


About Schoolab

Schoolab's global vision is to gather diverse populations to collectively work on innovative projects. Our programs accelerate the digital transformation of corporations by fostering internal innovation. Our unique Berkeley partnership is dedicated to accelerate the latest most disruptive startups with a cross-continental program between Europe and the US. We also have a new co-working space with monthly events, where you can actually meet your co-working neighbors.