The Start Over - Moisturizing Serum

Sensitive Skin is on the rise

Studies show that approximately 1 in 2 people in developed countries report having some degree of sensitive skin. Many factors can increase your risk for skin sensitivity, including climate & environmental stressors, mental health, and childhood eczema. However, perhaps the most significant driving factor for increased sensitive skin around the world is simply, cosmetic products.

Remember: Our skin is smart.

It repairs itself when it’s injured; it protects us from outside forces; it is crucial to our immune health.

To do this, It harbors the microbiome - a diverse community of bacteria constantly working together to allow our skin to thrive. When this diversity is threatened, problems like sensitive skin arise.

 Schematic representation of the microbiome
Left Damaged Microbiome & Skin Barrier - Right Healthy Microbiome & Skin Barrier 


All too often, the products we use everyday are hurting, not helping our skin. The all-too-familiar problems: irritation, redness, burning, etc, are a result of a vicious cycle - using products we think will fix the problems, but actually end up causing the problems.

The culprits of sensitive skin today?

1. Too many ingredients
2. Preservatives
3. Fragrances

Today, skincare is filled with unnecessary ingredients that overwhelm our skin and can cause adverse effects. For people with sensitive skin, smart, simple formulations with few necessary ingredients is the key.
Let’s not mess with a good thing.

Start Over.

Introducing the Start Over Moisturizing Serum, created by Dr. Elsa Jungman, French scientist.

With only three ingredients, we eliminate the first culprit to sensitive skin. No more reading long ingredients, having no idea what most of them mean or do, and then suffering the consequences.

At Dr. Elsa Jungman, we only use ingredients that take care of the Stratum Corneum (the top most layer of the skin) and microbiome.

Only 3 ingredients:

  • The star ingredient in our serum is Squalane - a highly moisturizing, rapidly absorbing, non-comedogenic molecule that is sustainably derived from sugar cane. Squalene (original version of Squalane) is already naturally present in our skin, and functions to help retain water and enhance skin elasticity.

  • Next up, we have Plukenetia volubilis seed oil (Sacha Inchi) - fair-trade and organic of course. Sacha Inchi improves skin’s texture and barrier function according to the supplier's data.

  • Last, but not least, there is Tocopherol, sourced from soybean and sunflower seeds, and acts as an antioxidant.

    At Dr. EJ, we also avoid all fragrances, essential oils, and preservatives that can disrupt our skin’s natural ecosystem. Backed by science, we are careful to use ingredients that take care of the microbiome and, as a result, promote optimum skin balance.

    Join us as we all hit the reset button on healthy skin!

    Join the movement for better skincare. Let’s start over together.


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    Start Over - Moisturizing Serum (Full Size)

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    By: Serene Kuramarohit


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