We won an award!

We’re honored to have won an award from HelloGiggles for our Minimalist Start Over Set.

This award falls under their Best Clean and Green Products for 2021 category, featuring products that have been carefully selected and reviewed to feature brands that are doing their part to share clean beauty products to consumers.

Our Minimalist Start Over Set features our Begin Again Gentle Cleanser and Start Over Moisturizing Serum. 

Together, these products aim to give you the opportunity to introduce a fresh start into your skincare routine, by helping to rebalance your skin’s microbiome. Each product features minimal ingredients with simple steps that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished and most importantly, leave you with healthy skin in the long term.

So, how is our brand fulfilling our mission of bringing clean beauty that can be trusted by consumers?

Our entire line of products are backed by science and research, with the foundation of the skin’s microbiome as a main focus. We recognize that the skin is smart and will make clear when it is damaged or irritated. There are a lot of phases that our skin will go through in life whether that be hormonal transitions, changes in lifestyle or mental health, an overapplication of skincare products and so much more. 

At Dr. EJ, our commitment involves working with these factors, understanding how each of them can impact our skin’s health and creating products that will reclaim the balance in your skin even after it has experienced damage. 

We’re excited that our brand’s mission has been recognized with this award and hope to continue sharing the information and knowledge that consumers need to be able to make the best decisions for their skin’s health. 

Most importantly, we want people to realize that it’s never too late to give your skin a bit of a reset, no matter how much or how little damage your skin has experienced. To introduce a nourishing, simple regimen into your skincare, and to get a feel for thriving skin, shop our products today. 

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