Your Microbiome Test Results, Explained

Fantastique! You have completed your microbiome test and have received your results, now what? Well, you have just been given an intimate map of your skin’s ecosystem, this valuable information can help you decide what direction to take your skin health journey on. Dr. Elsa Jungman hopes to be a part of that journey with a wealth of information + resources! Read on to learn more about your results & what they mean. 
Your Microbiome Overview
Your report details the top 10 bacteria on your microbiome, along with the quantity of each and its percentage in your total microbiome makeup. Your report will test for bacteria and fungi detected on your skin. We use the Next Generation Sequencing technique to analyse your microbiome, 16S analysis for Bacteria and ITS analysis for Fungi.
We guarantee bacteria will be detected, however, in some cases fungi won’t be detected. This is because fungi is sometimes absent from our skin microbiome, or too low in quantity for our lab to detect. 
Your Microbiome Score 
Your microbiome score is based on a scale between -2 and +2, this score reflects the amount of harmful vs non-harmful bacteria & the amount of beneficial bacteria detected.  
My Score Is Bad! What Am I Supposed to Do?
First off, there is no such thing as a “bad” score, you can always nurture your microbiome back to its healthy equilibrium. If your results show that your microbiome is not balanced, that is okay, we can help you on your quest to reach microbiome nirvana. We have 2 routines, Recovery + Maintenance, designed to rebalance and nurture your microbiome. 
My Bacteria
Learn about the bacteria that were detected on your skin and what they mean.
My Fungi
Learn about the fungi that were detected on your skin and what they mean.
My Routine Recommendations
At Dr. Elsa Jungman we recognize that skin health is a holistic endeavor, and our skin’s microbiome is ever-evolving. Because of this, we have created 2 routines we will recommend as a bonus to your report. The recovery and maintenance routines are ways to regulate and reset your microbiome based on your skin profile and your skin needs. Discover more information on the Maintenance + Recovery routines on our blog. 
What is my Skin Profile?
Your skin profile is based on the thousands of data collected from our survey, feedback from our users and scientific research. We compile your skin concerns & your various responses to the quiz to pinpoint a personalized skin guide for you! 
Your skin profile will allow you to discover what ingredients are best for you & your skin goals. Along with skin care recommendations, you will receive personalized dietary guidance. 
What is the Dietary Guide for?
Understanding the connection between overall health + skin health is paramount for achieving a balanced microbiome. Certain foods can reduce inflammation of the skin and improve skin health. Our dietary guide will be tailored to you, based on your skin profile.  
Who are the Experts Contributing to my Report?
Dr. Elsa Jungman has hand selected top experts who specialize in the world of microbiome, clean beauty and food to develop a scientific, holistic approach to skincare:
Dr. Kelly Haas
Kelly is a skin microbiome researcher and has been conducting research at UC Davis and University of Massachusetts.  
Dr. Grace Park
Born in Korea and raised in the Philippines, Grace is a skin and gut microbiome expert with a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Laboratory of Human Effective Microbes at Handong Global University. 
 Jolene Hart
Jolene Hart is a beauty nutrition expert, a health coach certified by NYC's Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and author of Eat Pretty.
Angella Sprauve
Angella is a Formulation Chemist specializing in clean beauty innovation. After earning a chemistry from UC Davis, she has been leading Product Development for many clean beauty leaders.
Dr. Elsa Jungman
Dr. Elsa’s passion for researching began while contributing to  peer reviewed journals at age 25 and has continued as she’s worked with renowned dermatologists and leading brands all over the world. In 2015 she moved to San Francisco where she learned about the skin microbiome and its importance for skin health. She made it her mission to be an advocate and resource for promoting a healthy skin ecosystem. 
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