We’re offering for the first time a unique opportunity through this pilot program to analyze your skin’s microbiome and help advance research for what we put on our skin. Not only will we be able to tell you more about your skin but we’ll be able to get a better understanding of microbiomes and make skincare advancements together for everyone.

Our Skin Microbiome Test is available in limited quantities for US participants of 21+. Our microbiome test is free but we ask for a $50 participation fee to cover the skincare kit.

Test your Microbiome. Reset your skin.



I’m in!

Apply to our pilot & if approved to participate, you will be notified to purchase our skincare kit for $50 (it comes with 2 complementary microbiome tests) and it will all be mailed to your home.


Test your skin.

At home, you’ll just need to swab first your forehead, then go minimal for a week by using our skincare only & then swab a second time your face. Ship back your swabs for analysis.


Get your results.

Once you’ve shipped back your collection tubes, your Skin Microbiome will be analyzed. Your skin microbiome results will be available as a personalized skin microbiome report.


We want to prove the science behind simplicity and this is why you will be analyzing your skin before and after using our skincare for a week (Cleanser + Moisturizer). Much like DNA testing, the more people who participate, the richer the analysis and understanding. Where microbiome testing differs from DNA testing is that it doesn't look at human genetic material - instead our test simply examines the ecosystem of bacteria & fungi on your skin.

This study is designed for general wellness and does not diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease. Your insights from the report are not clinical test results. They cannot be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition.


Participants of this study must be living in the United States and be at least 21 years old. We also ask that you solely use Dr. EJ products for a week, so those taking any prescription skincare/medicine for your skin or any antibiotic treatments may not be great candidates for this study.

This study is 100% voluntary and for research purposes. If you sign up to participate, but then change your mind, you are able to withdraw at any time. Once you apply for the study through our questionnaire, we will contact you by email if you are selected to take part in our pilot study. If you are selected, we will ask you to pay a participation fee of $50 to cover the skincare kit and operational costs. The 2 skin microbiome tests, the analysis and the personalized report are free. We will send you the skincare kit, 2 skin swab collection kits and detailed instructions on how to swab your skin. The test spans 7 days and is very simple and straightforward. You will mail your samples back for analysis, and that's it! You should receive your results about 4 to 6 weeks after shipping your samples.

We are trying to understand the skin microbiome in people with balanced skin and more reactive and/or sensitive skin especially in women. In addition, we want to better understand the effect Dr. Elsa Jungman cosmetic products have on the microbiome as they are simple, minimal and microbiome-friendly.

Make sure that you're willing to spend 5-7 minutes sampling your skin microbiome and mail the sample back (prepaid return postage and packaging provided by us) the day after the second swab sample is done. You will need to swab your skin first thing in the morning before you shower or wash your face. The test requires that you only use Dr. EJ products for 7 days, meaning no makeup or other skincare products allowed. You also need to have access to a freezer to store the sample collection before shipping.

When you ship your skin microbiome swab for analysis, all samples are anonymized & de-identified. The lab analyzing your sample does not have information about your identity. At Dr. Elsa Jungman we will encrypt and store your data on a protected cloud. Those analyses are not made for clinical or medical diagnosis; we do not analyze any human DNA, only bacterial and fungal DNA through a 16S and 18S analysis. Your personal report will be encrypted and available to download from a secure server. Your participation will be kept confidential. You can withdraw from the study at any time.

You can withdraw from the study at any time. If you decide that you don't want to carry on with the study, you can reach out to us directly at microbiome@dr-ej.com and we will remove you from the study by destroying your skin swab samples and personal data.

Yes, your participation will be kept confidential.